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#1 Cerita Lucu

Pada suatu hari, seorang penunggang (Mamat) motosikal telah ditahan polis. Dia ni kena tahan kerana tak pasang lampu waktu malam di bandar berhampiran rumah dia. Dia bagi la.. alasan.

Mamat: Apa ni? Nak pasang lampu nak buat apa?
Polis: La.. tak kan tak tau kot. Untuk keselamatan ko la.
Mamat: oitt.. sana ada lampu, sini ada lampu, situ ada lampu, mau pasang lampu lagi ka?
Polis: Kuang ajo punya budak. Jaga ko!!!

Lalu polis tu pun buang angin kat tayar motor budak tu.

Mamat: oi! oi! apa ni gilo apa. Camna aku nak balik?
Polis: La...sana ada angin, sini ada angin, situ ada angin, mau angin lagi ka?
p/s :  nhe copy & paste from my friend.. hehee. . :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Huge Crush on him..!!

Hey Guys..

So., How was your day in 2012 so far..?? mine was pretty bored because I'm stuck at home, m'jadi p'bantu rumah x b'bayar kat rumah sndiri, .while waiting for my spm resuts to come out . . . T.T

Anyway. , For my first entry of 2012.., I wanna u ols to meet HIM . The man who won & melted my heart . , But not with his Good looking Face but with his Amazing + Awesome voice . . He is Hobbie stuart..!!! a young talented guy that becoming youtube sensation..Why..? It’s the fact that he’s bloody good! His finger style guitar playing fits perfectly with his voice which has a great UK alternative tone, complete with regional accent. But the difference is, the man can really sing! It’s very rare that I hear a male voice on YouTube that shines so bright with so little accompaniment. .

Wanna see his Pictures..?

Hobbie Stuart
*This is my Favorite one*

*Dia sangat sangat pandai main gitar tau*

Again.!!  More pictures of Hobbie stuart..

*alololo.. Tomey nya dia*
Dah Usha gambar2 dia kan.? skrang meh kita layan video dia kat Youtube pula..

                                                            *My Favorite one*

 Wait..!! There's More..

                                                    *I really love his british accent*

The way he sing makes me wanna hit the repeat sign again and again..


Omaiiiigootttt.. I'm star-struck.. !!!

                                                               *Awesome., right.?*

That's all for Today.. & Hey.., If u like him too.. Don't forget to like his Fan Page HERE . Thank you so much for sacrificing your time to read my blog. Really am appreciated it..^^
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